The Toxicology Exam Package

The Toxicology package provides access to 115 questions strictly dedicated to the topic of toxicology and basic sciences. The rubric-specific practice exam also allows you to selectively assess your strength in this area, then re-focus your study efforts as you prepare to write the ABIH Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) exam.



Effective Cost

The practice exam is the preferred option to check your knowledge in a given field so that you can determine where your strengths lie, then refocus your study efforts. Simulate the test in an informal setting and gauge your understanding of the material.

115 Questions

The practice exam includes 115 questions selected from the question bank dedicated to the topic of toxicology as it relates to industrial hygiene. There is no time limit, and you can stop and return at any time.

Full Scale

The practice exam focuses solely on one topic to help you sharpen your understanding in a specific area.

Deep Range

Delve deeply into a topic rather than spreading your attention across the field.

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