An often-used, rapid method for checking and improving your recall of terms and definitions is done by using flashcards.  This lines up with our philosophy of study-check-adjust.  Study the material, find a way to check your grasp of the concepts, and adjust your studying efforts to focus on weak spots.  It has been said that you must hear / read / see something 6 to 7 times before it becomes embedded in your memory and flashcards help provide quick repetition of concepts and definitions.

Sites like cram.com , quizlet.com, and funnelbrain.com let you build custom flashcards which can then be reviewed as you check your grasp of the concepts.  As a side bonus, the websites typically also allow you review flashcards that others have already created, including industrial hygiene topics, which saves you time.  The downside? You’re relying on the work of others, which may not be correct or may have unintentional errors, so use with caution.  Check other sources if something seems off.  For example – NTP and STP conditions.  FunnelBrain will also allow you to create a ‘third side’ to the cards, so that you can provide additional explanation for the concept and definition.

Credit on this one goes to Neil Carlson who recently contributed the quizlet link on an AIHA LinkedIn discussion forum. Thanks Neil!

July 1, 2015

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