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We have developed a suite of practice exams that allow you to test your knowledge across a range of industrial hygiene topics, or to focus your efforts on your areas of weakness by taking exams which focus on specific topics, such as ventilation, noise, radiation or basic sciences.

 Regulations and Guidelines

The Examinate web site provides links to relevant regulations, guidelines, governing authorities, toxicological databases and more, so that you can refer back during day-to-day practice to find the information you need to confidently make sound recommendations. 

Further Reading

You've already committed to going above and beyond by taking the steps of becoming a Certified Industrial Hygienist.  We've hand-picked a selection of some of the best textbooks and manuals in the field so that you can continue expanding your knowledge base.

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You want to demonstrate your technical knowledge to your peers and clients.  You also want to pass the CIH exam on the first try.  We're striving to provide the most content, material and resources to help you succeed in becoming a Certified Industrial Hygienist, the first time!

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With a deep pool of practice material, professional resources at your fingertips and a community of like-minded professionals, Examinate is becoming your go-to bank of information.


We know that you have a lot on your plate. The exams are structured allowing you to work on the material when its convenient for you. Stop, start, stop again and finish when you're ready!

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Excellent practice exams, reviewed by the creators and by the students. Used to seeing formulas written another way? Let us know and we'll share with the community!

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